Who are we?

The Dr. Bryant Institute is a Mental Health and Life Coaching based institute. We are Psychology experts that train and provide Life Coaching from a hybrid modality. The Hybrid modality was founded and created by DBI founder and CEO, Dr. Cheyenne Bryant. It is the most effective modality that consists of a therapeutic and coaching experience. Therapy focuses on past traumas, processing them, and healing from them. Life Coaching helps the client get in contact with who and where they are now, helps them create who and where they want to be and sets attainable goals to reach at the fastest, healthiest, most effective way possible. Which means our clients get a “one stop” shop when working with us. We provide one on one coaching, couples coaching, family coaching, group coaching, small business and corporate coaching. As a result, of the high demand and effectiveness of the Hybrid modality we developed the Hybrid Life Coaching Certification Program.

Dr. Bryant Institute's Hybrid Life Coaching Certification Program provides the invaluable tools needed to become an Expert Life Coach. Graduates are able to build a thriving Hybrid practice based on both therapeutic and coaching modalities. By the end of this program, you will be able to offer your clients a “one-stop” shop. Dr. Bryant is the creator and founder of the Hybrid approach and the only coaching expert to offer the Hybrid modality, fusing traditional therapy with life coaching. Dr. Bryant’s unique Hybrid approach can be applied to and is effective for one-on-one coaching, couples coaching, family coaching, group coaching, and small business and corporate coaching.


The Code of Ethics outlines the core values and ethical guidelines set forth by Dr. Cheyenne Bryant’s Life Coaching Hybrid Certification Program. This Code serves to support and protect the integrity of Hybrid coaches and guide them any time they interact with clients, regardless of whether a formal Coaching Agreement has been signed. The Code is also intended to be a resource for coaches when unexpected situations, conflicts, or dilemmas arise, helping them to find the most ethical solution to their issues. The Code of Ethics is based on a foundation of DBI core values and extends naturally from them. Each of these values has equal weight and is reflexive with the others. Hybrid coaches are expected to embody these values in every aspect of their work with clients.

DBI Core Values

Professional integrity
– Hybrid coaches are dedicated to professionalism that rests on respectfulness, responsibility, competence, transparency, truthfulness, and excellence.

Collaborative approach – Hybrid coaches work synergistically in partnership with clients and others, building a social network and being community-minded.

Compassion – Hybrid coaches are committed to their humanity and approach others and themselves with kindness and respect.

Equality – Hybrid coaches focus on creating equality within their coaching relationships, understanding and valuing the needs of their clients and supporting clients to have agency and be autonomous.

DBI Ethical Standards


1. As a DBI Hybrid coach, I ensure that my client understands the value of my coaching contribution, their financial obligations, the limits of our confidentiality agreement, and all other terms of our Coaching Agreement.

2. I ensure I have included in my Coaching Agreement the rights and responsibilities of both the coach and the client prior to the start of the coaching relationship.

3. I comply with all confidentiality laws pertaining to spoken, written, and digital communication and maintain the highest standards of privacy for my clients.

4. I understand clearly how information will be exchanged before, during, and after each coaching session.

5. I have clear knowledge of scenarios to which confidentiality laws will not apply, i.e., illegal acts with reporting mandated by court order or subpoena, risk of danger to others or myself, and finally risk of danger to the client. If I have reason to suspect one of the above scenarios is occuring, I accept that I may need to contact the authorities.

6. I will disclose and manage conflicts of interest with my clients, amending the Coaching Agreement as needed and engaging in frank, transparent dialog with potential clients. 

7. I will practice integrity and confidentiality in my storage and disposal of client communications, including any written records or electronic files, promoting client security and privacy, and complying with any applicable legal guidelines.

8. I will continuously update my ethical commitment in this regard as new technologies in the coaching space emerge.

9. I will remain conscious of any shifts that occur within the coaching relationship and stay open to renegotiating the client-coach relationship at any time.I will respect each client’s right to terminate the Coaching Agreement at any time for any reason, subject to the terms of the Agreement. 

10. As a Hybrid Coach, I maintain awareness at all times of power/status differentials that may be affecting the coach-client relationship.

11. I will be transparent with clients, disclosing any potential financial compensation or other benefits I may receive for referrals to third parties.

12. I will consistently provide the same level of excellence to all clients, regardless of the amount or form of their compensation. 



1. I will adhere to the DBI Ethical Standards and DBI Core Values throughout every client interaction. I will promptly address any breaches of these standards and values with those involved.

2. I will require all those who work for my practice in a service capacity to adhere to the DBI Ethical Standards and DBI Core Values as well.

3. I will continue to develop myself professionally, ethically, and personally in order to maintain the highest standards of excellence for myself and my Hybrid coaching practice.

4. I will continuously monitor myself to ensure that my personal circumstances, limitations, or viewpoints are not negatively impacting my coaching work. If needed, I will reach out for support and guidance from other professionals and be willing to suspend or terminate the Coaching Agreement if I am not able to uphold my own standards of care.

5. I will immediately address any conflict of interest that arises within the context of the coaching relationship, seek professional advice, and, if needed, suspend or terminate the Coaching Agreement.  


1. I will be transparent and accurate when sharing my coaching qualifications and credentials, level of coaching expertise, training, awards, and certifications.

2. I will be transparent and accurate when describing my services, the coaching profession, and the value that Hybrid coaching can offer.

3. I will strictly abstain from participating in any sexual or romantic liaisons with clients. I will carefully evaluate the level of intimacy with each client to make sure it is appropriate and supportive to the client’s well-being. If related issues arise, I will address them promptly and be willing to suspend or terminate the Coaching Agreement. 


1. I will avoid discriminating against any client, maintaining a fair and equal environment free from bias based on age, race, culture, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, disability, political affiliations, or military status.
2. I will safeguard others’ rights to their own intellectual properties and not claim ownership of any ideas or materials that are not my own.

The DBI Hybrid Life Coaching Certification Program Pledge

As a DBI Hybrid Coach, in accordance with the DBI Ethical Standards and DBI Core Values, I pledge to fulfill my ethical and legal duties to my clients, to my profession, and to society. If breaches of these Standards and Values occur, I pledge to address them immediately, seeking outside counsel and guidance. 
Our founder

Meet Dr. Cheyenne Bryant

Dr. Cheyenne Bryant is a Psychology Expert, renowned Life Coach, Teen Mom Life Coach and Co-producer of MTV’s nominated Best Unscripted Reality Show, “Teen Mom Family Reunion,” ranked #1 Author in SUCCESS Magazines top 20, featured in FORBES, Oprah, INSIDER, HuffPost, USAToday, and many more. The President of NAACP; branch #1069, Founder of Dr. Bryant Institute, Founder of Dr. Bryant Foundation, author of the award-winning Readers Favorite Five-Star book, “Mental Detox,” 

Dr. Bryant is a highly experienced professional highly acknowledged in this field, but also passionate and devoted to teaching. She combines a can-do spirit with professionalism and accuracy in everything she does. Vastly, experienced in the coaching world, Dr. Bryants broad expertise delivers high quality teaching material, that corresponds to the highest standards of the Life Coaching industry. Her goal is to provide you both with a solid theoretical background, and a set of instantly applicable practices.

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